In this episode, Charles Hackney hosts a discussion among the Book of Nature trio in which they explore the concept of artificial intelligence.  Artificial Intelligence today represents an incredibly active research field in the view of some, and absolute terror in the view of others.  While trying to skate on the boundary between this Scylla and Charibdis, Todd, Dan, and Charles charted out the history and examples of AI, the concerns some have ethically and morally with AI and its use, and even delved into the question of potential theological ramifications of the field.  Some links explore areas for further discussion, and/or represent points of the discussion.  Enjoy!


Video Links:

On our sympathy for Boston Dynamics’ poor kicked robot, somebody compiled a collection of BD abusing their bots:

Or there’s the original, with Big Dog being kicked:

Maybe (or maybe not, it’s just a thought) connect to the torture of droids in Return of the Jedi:

Article links:

A Brief History of AI

Is AI a threat to Christianity? (a somewhat ignorant article from the Atlantic)

Rise of the Robots: Could AI Spell the End of Humanity as We Know it?

Discerning a Christian Response to AI

God and the Machine: AI and Religion

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