• Feminism & gender in Miss Fisher
    • Elizabeth ‘Mac’ MacMillan (Episode 1:10, ‘Death by Miss Adventure’)
      • Modern morality in a period piece
      • Is Phryne a Mary Sue?
    • Bad Men & Strong Women (Episode 1:07, ‘Murder at Montparnasse’)
    • Marriage in the world of Phryne Fisher
  • Religion in Miss Fisher
    • Dot Williams & the silliness of faith
    • Catholic-Protestant relations in Australian history
    • A Big Bad with religious motivations
  • Lightning Round
    • Fan-driven ‘reunion’ project fatigue
    • Jack, Cec, & Bert as Lestrade & the Baker Street Irregulars
    • Historical accuracy of costumes, props, set design (as opposed to attitudes, opinions)
    • Unwavering devotion to single storyline episodes
    • Jack & Phryne as an impossible pairing
    • The mediocre detective skills of Phryne Fisher


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    I’m particularly interested in listening to this episode, is there a place I can still listen to it?

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