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Back in Episodes 17 and 18, about a month before the election, we spoke with Rebeccah Heinrichs and Nick Rodriguez about some of their recent writings expressing support for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton respectively. In today’s episode, we bring them back to talk about their reactions to the election, their predictions for the next four years, and Trump’s rhetoric towards Muslims and other minority groups. We apologize for some technical issues in the recording which had the result of first Rebeccah and then Ed dropping out before the end of the episode. But tune in for a spirited discussion. Rebeccah is a fellow at the Hudson Institute, specializing in issues of national security and nuclear deterrence and her writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The LA Times, Politico and the Federalist. Nick Rodriguez works on education and government reform policy and has degrees from Stanford and the London School of Economics, where he studied as a Marshall Scholar. Nick blogs regularly at

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