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To speak the Bible does not always mean citations with footnotes, does not always come with a declaration that “This is what MY Bible says!”  Those with ears to hear will also find, in the narratives of the four gospels, echoes.  Sometimes a character in the story will speak a phrase from a prophet in a conversation with a stranger.  Sometimes the setting of a scene whispers stories from Moses or Abraham or moments even older.  And sometimes a simple deed, narrated without ornament, will invoke one of God’s mighty saving acts without even repeating a phrase.  To hear such echoes requires faithful, disciplined listening, and that sort of listening our challenge when we read Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels, the new book by Richard B. Hays from Baylor University Press.

2 thoughts on “Christian Humanist Profiles 86: Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels”
  1. This was another wonderful interview with Dr. Hays. I have been encouraged and edified by his careful, thoughtful, close readings of Scripture, in addition to his genuine piety and sincerity. I also find that the figural interpretation of Scripture that he endorses (alongside several others) is a significant contribution to the major exegetical/hermeneutical debates regarding the relationship of the Old and New Testaments. 
    As an unrelated, general technical issue–I’ve noticed that it’s difficult to look up these show pages, where one may leave comments, of old episodes. One can easily enough access the show pages of recent episodes from the home page, but when one searches for old episodes in the menu, things get tricky. Whether I click on ‘download episodes (RSS)’ or ‘listen to episodes (Stitcher)’ and proceed to open up the archives under, say, Christian Humanist Profiles, scrolling down and clicking on any old episode only returns me to the home page (note that playing the episodes by clicking on ‘play now’ poses no problem). It seems that the only way to access these old show pages is to perform a search. Is this right? Am I missing something? Are comments being left through a different interface? All the same, I wonder if this web feature could be improved; I also wonder if more comments/online interaction would occur if the old show pages were more accessible.

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