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Ed Song and Coyle Neal take on the contested category we call liberalism in part 1 of a two parter! If you’ve not been over to iTunes yet, subscribe now, and start enjoying your new favorite politics podcast!

Episode 5 Show Notes

Just what is “liberalism” anyway?

Are totalitarians ‘liberal’?

Ed says “no.”
Coyle says “yes.”

Are anarchists ‘liberal’?

Ed says “yes, albeit misguided.”
[Coyle forgets to answer.]

Liberalism as rights with a beginning, a process, and a goal.

Quick history of liberalism.

Achilles and Luther against ‘the Man.’
Hobbes and Locke
The Romantics
The Utilitarians
The Pragmatists
The 20th Century

John Rawls, the “Russell Kirk” of liberalism.

Books/Readings Mentioned in the Episode

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