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The Christian Humanist Radio Network is pleased to present The City of Man Podcast, the newest show in the podcast network!

Ed Song and Coyle Neal will discuss politics, political science, political philosophy, and the way that the Christian faith engages all of the above.  If you’re subscribed to The Christian Humanist Podcast, this episode should be arriving on your machines soon.  If you like what you hear, more episodes will be coming soon, so be sure to subscribe to The City of Man Podcast on iTunes!

Episode 1 Show Notes

Who are we and what are we doing here?

Professional Introductions
Spiritual Biographies

What is Politics anyway?

Power at least…
…maybe virtue too?

What does the Bible say about government?

Politics matters…
…but not that much.

Books Mentioned During the Podcast:

One thought on “Christian Humanist Podcast Special Release: City of Man, Episode 1”
  1. Having just commented on your latest episode, I’ll take this opportunity to say something that struck me way back
    in the first episode: I forget just how you said it, but you
    matter-of-fact-ly identified coercion as a central function of the
    state. A lot of the time it feels like people are too squeamish to acknowledge that.

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