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In this episode, Marie Hause, Dianna Anderson, and Nate Craddock discuss the topic of sex and Christian holiness, with a focus on readings by John Piper and Rowan Williams.



Why the topic is important and how sex and holiness are generally thought to be connected in Christianity



  • John Piper’s blog post “Sex Belongs to Believers,” from Sept. 28, 2015
    • Topics of discussion include joy in creation, the othering of the female, the exclusion of sex outside of heterosexual marriages between Christians, and Christian elitism
  • Rowan Williams’s address “The Body’s Grace,” from 1989 (included in the anthology Our Bodies, Our Souls, & Ourselves, ed. Charles Hefling)
    • Topics of discussion include the concepts of grace and desire, egalitarian relationships, same-sex relationships, and references to the feminist debate over pornography
  • Further comments from panelists


Passing On

[Image: Gustav Klimt, Embrace [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons]

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