The Christian Humanists answer listener emails. woman-reading-a-letter-woman-in-blue-reading-a-letter-300x300

[02:07-05:50] Speaking about things Greek
[05:50-13:30] The Christian Humanist Journal
[13:30-16:48] A Defense of a Sequel
[16:49-22:25] Christian Existentialism
[22:27-26:03] Greetings from Trinity Western
[26:05-32:04] Hobbits and Tolkien
[32:05-34:34] Tillich and Laches
[34:34-37:50] Faustus
[37:50-41:16] Silence

One thought on “The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #175: Listener Feedback”
  1. CORRECTION: So, Lewis and Tolkien BOTH took part in the Battle of the Somme, but in different places. (Thus my confusion, I think.) Neither could have taken part in the Battle of Verdun, because the Brits weren’t even there: the contenders were the French and the Germans.

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