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Some would say we’re all on a journey throughout life. We might be a career woman, stuck in a ditch after our son died. We might be an architect turned carpenter, questioning the purpose in being laid off from a job that was stable, but getting us no where. Or we might be an abbot, knowing we are where we are meant to be, but still hitting bumps every once in a while.

Maybe we identify with two or all three of these or none of them.

Joining us this week is Father James Martin to speak with us about his first novel “The Abbey,” a read that ultimately leaves us asking what is our path, and where on the path are we.

Fr. Martin is the editor-at-large of America Magazine and author of several books including The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything, Between Heaven and Mirth, andJesus: A Pilgrimage.

A member of the Catholic Society of Jesus (you might know them as Jesuits), Father Martin was also the chaplain for the Colbert Report and assists at the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola in New York City.

You can check out The Abbey from Harper One.

The interview with Fr. Martin can be found here in iTunes. For other formats, check out our Listen to Episodes page.

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