1893 Parliament of World Religions

This week I’m joined by philosopher Sara Shady and historian Amy Poppinga, leaders in an effort to encourage interfaith dialogue and engagement at evangelical colleges and universities. Sara (co-author of a chapter in our Pietist Vision book on this topic) and Amy (an Islamic studies specialist) talked about love, courage, hospitality, and spiritual formation and engaged with my suggestion that Christian colleges should think of themselves less as “defenders of the faith” protecting themselves against attack than bridge-builders intentionally inhabiting religious, political, and other borderlands.

1893 Parliament of World Religions
The 1893 Parliament of the World’s Religions – Wikimedia

(And for CHP completists: Sara, Amy, and I briefly revisited our history as co-hosts of CWC: The Radio Show, a podcast that had a close relationship with the CHP up until the time we went on hiatus in 2011.)

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