• Intros, and welcome to our guest panelist


  • Why the topic
  • Defining some terms
  • Torn and the Gay Christian Network
  • Danny Cortez and the SBC
  • Why this topic is important to us


  • Justin Lee and growing up as a gay Christian
  • The problem with “Love the sinner; hate the sin”
  • Lee’s conclusions: Side A and Side B
  • Danny Cortez and Third Way churches

Passing On


2 thoughts on “The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode 11: LGBTQ People and the Church”
  1. The sentimentality on display here is compelling and an important part of the conversation.  I’d expect a wider range of inquiry from TCH, though.  An episode along the lines of Nate’s “A Plea for Better Questions,” series from a few years ago would be a welcome follow-up.

  2. Robert, thanks for listening! I appreciate your feedback. It’s my hope that there might be follow-up episodes, both from the Christian Feminist Podcast and from the Christian Humanist Podcast, if they would be interested in doing such an episode. Certainly there is very much more to be said beyond the quick and personal overview that we provided here.

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