General IntroductionUntitled
– Snow introduction
– Listener feedback
– Adjuncts and online education
– Women and the Great American Novel

Our Experience
– Hitchcock and scary movies
– Good eeeeeevening
– Hitchcock’s iconography

Hitchcock’s Reception
– From silents to swear words
The Lodger
– The critical consensus
– Bridging the popular/critical divide
– Auteur theory
– Hitchcock and film studies

Hitchcock’s Major Themes
– A tense relationship
– Solving the mystery with psychological states
– The final scene of Psycho
– Universal guilt
– Faceless bureaucratic systems

Hitchcock’s Women
– She’s a femme fatale
– Undermining male society
– Dangerous, fodder, or both
– Psychological torment
– Actors as cattle
– The male gaze
– Domesticating wild women

Hitchcock’s Hermeneutics
Strangers on a Train
– Off the reservation
– The dark side of the street
– The merry-go-round broke down
– Shoes and homoeroticism
– Mothers and wives

Hitchcock’s Metaphysics
– Catholicism
– Unreasonable forces
– Other Catholic filmmakers
– Psychoanalytic boundaries
– Hitchcock and existentialism
– Propaganda movies

Rear Window

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