General Introduction
– Listener feedback
– The Christian Feminist Podcast

The Background of the Letter
– Obstinate segregation
– Commercial protests
– King’s arrest
– The forgotten letter it responds to
– The march up to the March
– An open letter
– The Civil Rights Museum

– Maintaining peace
– Take a side!
– King’s stroke of genius
– Who’s the real moderate here?
– White clergymen as the middlebrow
– The virtues of non-reaction
– A vicious moderation
– The need for courage

Two Types of Law
– Human and divine
– Hebrew notions
– Derrida’s rediscovery of natural law
– King’s rebuke of white moderates

Civil Disobedience
– Thoreau goes MTV
– Reliance on natural law
– What does “civil” mean?
– Being a catalyst
– Gandhi’s influence

The Letter in Freshman Composition
– A bridge between Christians and non-Christians
– Its liberal-Protestant flavor
– King’s masterful use of sources
– Intellectualism but broadness
– Not mechanical in any way
– King’s use of the second person

Other Things
– The Church as social club
– Organized religion
– King’s imagination of history
– Justice, not non-violence

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