General Introduction
– Displacement
– David’s library carrel
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– Listener feedback

Our Offices
– Avoiding them, sharing them, owning them
– Time management and privacy
– Indiana Jones’s office

Being Real Faculty
– Change in status
– How to learn humility
– Committee work
– The Gilmour Program

– Making friends with hated disciplines
– Regalia differences
– Intruding on other fields
– Grammar questions
– Gilmour infuriates his colleagues

Outside the Classroom
– All hail the king of faculty sponsors!
– Group projects
– Dealing with expectations
– How to motivate your advisees

They’ve Got You Under Their Skin
– Subverting the big ideas
– What are they committed to?
– Does Michial have a coherent self?
– Invitational Christian colleges
– Poking David Grubbs with sticks

(Side Topic: Our Fame)

Good News for Anxious Christians
– Compartmentalization
– “The Real World”
– Taking offense at every-/nothing

– Relating to students
– Researching and teaching
– Failure and disappointment

Our Advice
– Finish your dissertation first
– Be ready to re-assess yourself
– Learn how to use department meetings

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