3 thoughts on “Paradise Linked”
  1. The holidays are over – unless you’re resting through Chinese New Year. Time to get back to podcasting.

    1. Since all three of our schools start spring semesters on different schedules, you’re right, we have had a gap. That said, we did release three different “solo projects” in late December to make up for it. 🙂

      Our first spring-semester episode should go live on Tuesday, January 22. It’ll be one of our .1 episodes, since Grubbs is teaching J-term and is quite busy, but Grubbs too will return for a spell before he goes on paternity leave. 🙂

  2. That’s the day before Chinese New Year (Sae-hae bok mani padeusseyo – that’s Happy New Year in Korean transliterated, I don’t know Cantonese or Putunghua).

    Stray comment: I remember Farmer commenting to the effect that the Richard Weaver episodes were some of the least downloaded. Maybe people are dumb – after all. I really enjoyed them (twice!). It’d be nice to see some more like them with New Critics or Fish or …

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