3 thoughts on “The Links of Wrath”
  1. Whoa! Chance to name-drop, Claes Ryn is totally my dissertation advisor.

    With that out of the way, I love his emphasis on the artistic, and his repeated (in class and in his works) that “the weakness of American conservatism, [is] the common neglect of the artistic. It is analogous to the belittling of philosophy and has similar origins. The role played by the imagination in shaping conduct, for good or ill, is central and decisive.”
    My question is: does this apply to neoconservatives, and if so, does their effort make up for the lack of it on the part of more traditional conservatives?

  2. I may have missed something while reading the most boring article on the Internet ever on why American conservatives should read more obscure theorists that Claes Ryn urged them to read 25 years ago.
    But really? The failure to present an account of the virtuous life that might be noticed by those whose greed and arrogance daily endanger the well being of millions across the face of the earth is because conservative intellectuals should spend more time reading German philosophers.

    There might be something compelling or at least interesting in the claims if any actual facts or arguments or anything other than assertion were advanced but since they aren’t …yawn…

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