General Introduction
– “Technical difficulties”
– What’s on the blog?
– David, half-asleep
– Women crawl out of the woodwork

Biblical Creation
– Stewardship
– Christ as agent of creation
– The fall of the planet

Saving St. Augustine
– Manichaeism
– Pauline language
– Moving beyond the Confessions
– Chasing Manichaean rabbits
– Pro-body and pro-woman

Science, Environmentalism, and Christianity
– In which we each pick one figure
– John Ray, the father of British naturalism
– Leonardo da Vinci
– Gregor Mendel

Gilmour Lectures
– The move from atomism to systematic thinking
– Spinoza’s reaction to Descartes
– Understanding everything to understand anything
– Noumenal and phenomenal
– Humans as the mind of God

Environmental and Public Policy
– Beautiful and friendly things
– Saving room for human beings
– Rhetoric and unsubtle points
– The romanticizing urbanite
– Wrongminded anti-environmentalism
– Nathan sounds like Christ the Center

Literary Environmentalism
– Thoreau, for what he’s worth
– Who’s too much with whom, Wordsworth?
– Tolkien as moderate voice

Questions to Ask
– What can we know about God from looking at creation?
– Why should one species care about the extinction of another?
– Who and what does God love?
– What did Jesus do?

3 thoughts on “The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #64: Environmentalism”
  1. I was very surprised that you did an entire episode on Christianity and Environmental issues without even a passing reference to the work of Wendell Berry. I listen to the podcast regularly and, although I find myself disagreeing almost as much as I agree, I admire what you’re doing and you’re admirable willingness to admit when you do not know something. Very refreshing in todays polarized political and intellectual culture. How about an episode on Wendell Berry to make up for lapse. Keep up the good work.
    Michael Gore

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