We’re now up to 16 registered members over at The Christian Humanist Forum.  That’s the good news.

We’ve also had about 20 spambots try to join.  That’s the bad news.

If we’ve not approved your account, it’s because your email address or user name looked just a little too borderline.  Shoot us an email at thechristianhumanist (at) gmail.com, and we’ll approve you.

I’m going to a conference this weekend, where I’m participating in a round table on Writing Across the Curriculum and reading a paper on a Renaissance and Pop Culture panel.  But when I get back to what counts for normal at a small college on Monday, I’ll try to ramp up our discussion of Plato’s Phaedrus on the board.  That’ll include some links to some free web-texts, some initial thoughts, and other such things.

2 thoughts on “Forum Update”
  1. Update: since I posted this, just around an hour ago, three new members have joined. One more and we’ve got our twenty Most excellent!

    Like I said, I’ll try to get the Phaedrus ball rolling on Monday if nobody else has.

    1. And we’re up to 21! Of course, not everyone who joins is necessarily going to jump in on the discussion of every book, but we should be able to get a nice little readers’ circle going in there.

      Now that I think on it, we might try something on the podcast where we discuss a text for a while, then do an episode on that text. That might be cool, Beavis.

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