I’m going to be modifying the boards in the course of the next few weeks, but I figured I’d provide a link to the new forums and invite folks to propose books to discuss, request new toys, and other such things.  Look as well for some redesign in the right margin of this page and the podcast’s home page some time soon.

If you want to copy and paste an address into your bookmarks or whatever, the forums will reside at http://www.christianhumanist.org/chf for the foreseeable future.

One thought on “Christian Humanist Forum Up and Running”
  1. Well, folks, I just got a reminder of what the Internet forces us to become. Within days of starting up the board, we had spambots logging in and posting advertisements.

    From this point on, Michial or I will have to approve new additions to the board. If you’ve applied and we’ve missed it, email us at the podcast email address (thechristianhumanist |at| gmail.com) to let us know that your application is waiting.

    On a happier note, if you want to start suggesting what book we can read together first, the boards are the place to do so!

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