2 thoughts on “The Train Called the City of New Or-Links”
  1. That graph is great. The day of Camping’s predicted rapture I was down in Indiana attending a Mennonite Seminary convocation. The guest speaker was a Lutheran. It doesn’t get much more “the-lion-will-lay-down-with-the-lamb”-ish than that. Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold. Surely the second coming is at hand…

  2. I saw that forecast too. All I can say is that clearly our weather computer models aren’t taking into account the sudden upward mass displacement of millions of humans!

    Appropriately, I went on an impromptu stormchase that Saturday and saw three tornadoes (see http://scaryclouds.net/?p=29 for an account), so it was a “rapture” of sorts for me 😉

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