Hey, you’re gonna get another episode soon.  Stop looking like the world just ended.  For reasons personal, professional, horticultural, stereotypical, fractal, nonsensical, or more than one of the above, the Christian Humanist Podcast will be coming back next Tuesday for our promised episode on Asceticism.  Until then, read around on the blog, reread that Platonic dialogue you’ve been promising yourself you’d revisit, watch an episode of The Wire, or do something else that keeps your rational faculties in shape for the next episode.

But before you do that, go ahead over to iTunes and tell the Apple-loving world about this show, post a link to us on your Facebook wall, or do something else to get some more intelligent, literate, discerning, beautiful people on board–the more of us are in this conversation, the better!

Dearest listeners, we do apologize.  Circumstances being what circumstances are, Boethius’s wheel done turned on us.

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