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  1. Hey guys, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I appreciate your podcast and site. Like Michael, critical theory and my studies in the humanities caused a huge crisis of faith in my life but God in His goodness has brought me back and has used your show to assist him. My background is in engineering but I recently was in the MaLit program at Northwestern University in Illinois but had to drop out for financial reasons. Basically I’m kind of attempting to become a lay-scholar in the humanities, primarily literature, and your show is very helpful in the process. God bless

    chris winn

  2. Hah, well said Nathan. One of the things I appreciate most about your show is that you are all highly educated yet show a surprising amount of humility which I find very rare in Christian intellectual circles. Also, you all show a great amount of fair handedness and grace when dealing with views you disagree with which is also very refreshing.

    On a different note, i couldn’t find the email on your site but I had two show recommendations for you:
    1) A show devoted to Erasmus I think would be great. Especially due to the fact that a lot of reformed Christians consider him to be a heretic, among the many other reasons that make him interesting and admirable.
    2) A show about the variety of great “christian” writers. Rangin from more orthodox writers like Chesterton and O’Connor, to eastern and/or heterodox writers like Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, and even writers with a more broken or conflicted relationship with Christianity like Dickinson and Baudelaire.

    Just a thought,

    chris winn

  3. I could easily imagine Farmer leading us through an O’Connor show or even a series based on O’Connor. I might just work up an Erasmus episode at some point, though I don’t know how broadly the other two have read in Erasmus. They’re some good ideas–keep on listening, and we might just make them happen!

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