• Gain some perspective on the sizes of things in the universe.
  • Gain some perspective on the relative volumes of communications traffic.
  • The Kindlings Muse has another great lecture from one of my (MF) personal heroes, Dr. Harold Best.
  • Alan Jacobs ponders the disregard for complexity and truth on the Internet.
  • Tracey Rowland on the reactions against “sacro-pop”
  • James K.A. Smith suggests some new vocabularies for discussing the phenomenon of “Christian hipsters”
  • Tony Jones agrees with William T. Cavanaugh that the eucharist is always a political act.
  • NPR’s Intelligence Squared USA takes on the question of terrorism and enemy combatants in a refreshingly honest debate.
  • Chris Heard opines briefly on Wikipedia and the glaring lack of students’ confidence in their own abilities to read Biblical texts.
  • Are mime shows ever amusing?  Nate Gilmour thinks this one is (just watch it in the little window; the compression makes it look horrible  for full-screen):
2 thoughts on “Link This!”
  1. If I got my hands on a copy, perhaps. That said, once James K.A. Smith has written a review of something, I’m usually hard pressed to come up with something important to say that he hasn’t already engaged. 🙂

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