In an effort to be more like every other blog, we’re going to start having an occasional post of links to interesting articles. Our debut installment:

4 thoughts on “Links, Links, Links!!”
  1. That cell phone thing is awesome. Also, as I get older, Paglia gets smarter and smarter. Perhaps I need to revisit _Sexual Personae_? Don’t spread that around, though. They’ll take my Feminist Card away.

    1. I actually don’t know how much I like that Paglia article; it’s one more in a long line of recent romanticizations of manual labor by people who’ve never done it. Not that there’s not dignity in it, but Mike Rose strikes me as someone who understands it far more. He realizes how much intelligence it takes to, say, be a waitress, but he doesn’t fall into this trap of falling down praising it for its nobility.

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