A short episode to lead off season three. We’ll be back to our usual length next week. Our new standard theme music (you won’t hear it that often–only when I can’t find something more appropriate) is “SDP” by the Danish band The Kissaway Trail. They’re like Arcade Fire without the self-seriousness because we’re like the Emergent Church without the self-seriousness!

General Introduction
– Welcome to Season 3

A New Kind of Our Lives
– Michial gets a job
– Nathan moves across the hall
– David writes furiously, teaches Beowulf
– Our race to the doctorate

Why Christian Humanism?
– Read our blog
– Openly confessional
– Forming the human character
– Not mere self-replication
– Christian humanist or humanist Christian?

Why a Podcast?
Our history
– Existentialist, Calvinist, free-floating
– Adding respectability

Fixing the Format
– Getting looser
– Getting tighter
– Going deeper
– The dynamics of the conversation
– Nathan toots his own horn
– Actual tension without argument

What’s the Year Got in Store?
– Topics from listeners
– In which you learn what we don’t know
– Music, archaeology, politics, and the Bible’s literary influence
– More episodes on intellectual giants

A Quick Commercial Break
– Listen to CWC: The Radio Show!
– Why being in graduate school turns you lame

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