We’re a little rusty, but give us a break: It’s been a month. Also: No bibliography today. Also also: Our special guest is my wife, Victoria Reynolds Farmer.

General Introduction
– David keeps his office
– Introducing our guest

Our Credentials
– Hanson, Supernatural, and Rent
– Victoria’s academic work with celebrity culture and fandom
– Metallica, Marvel Comics, and Pokeman
Lord of the Rings, kung fu movies, and Flash Gordon
– Disney and obscure 1980s Christian rock

Being a Fan and “Being a Fan”
– What’s the difference?
– Being active in fan communities
– Proof of a body of knowledge, shorthand, and language
– Michial’s theory no one agrees with
– Fan vs. partisan (Metallica vs. Guns N Roses)
– Why Hanson aren’t the Jonas Brothers
– The Boy Band battles of 1998

Speculative Fiction
– What makes science fiction and fantasy have such devoted fans?
– The Pre-Raphaelites, of all things
– Rejection of culture
– A New Kind of Being Human
– And what’s so bad about escapism?
– There’s no rage like nerd rage

– Expressing sexuality
– But why music?
– I’ll see your Hegel and raise you Kierkegaard
– Music’s demoniacal temporality
– What about recorded music?
– Outsiders and insiders
– Insane Hanson fans

Fandom and Idolatry
– Nathan soothes the Calvinist conscience
– Fandom then and now
– Creativity and fan fiction
– Gilgamesh vs. Metallica
– A long argument about fan fiction

4 thoughts on “The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode 23: Fandom and Fanaticism”
  1. The first (and only) short story I wrote was fan-fiction and told the untold tale of how C.S. Lewis came upon the Screwtape Letters. In which the Lord opened the ears of Lewis, so that he could write down verbatim Screwtape’s letters to his nephew Wormwood. My motivation for writing this was born from his opening statement in the preface, “I have no intention of explaining how the correspondence which I now offer to the public fell into my hands”.

    Yes I understand how fan fiction can come off as creepy, but when you immerse yourself in something you love and hit the bottom it’s hard not to thirst for more (really creepy). As I type this it really drives home John 4:13-14.

    This episode was thought provoking, thanks Michial, Victoria, Nathan and David!

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