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The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode # 131: The Highwomen

Stream or download this episode Knowing  Who are the Highwomen? Our experiences with the women of Country The Highwaymen and Outlaw Country Tomatogate Reading They’re Nobody’s Tomatoes: The Highwomen Aim To Close Country Music’s Gender Gap Is Country Music political? When? Whose politics? “Teaching was unrighteous for a girl”: The History of Violence Against Women…

The Christian Feminist Podcast, Episode # 21: Susanna Wesley

Introductions A listener e-mail Knowing Susanna’s and her father Her marriage Her educational and religious methods Reading Susanna the writer Susanna the mother Susanna the preacher Passing On http://daringtolivefully.com/journal-prompts https://archive.org/details/seriousproposalt00aste http://www.quarterlyreview.org/pdfs/VOL23NO4WINTER2003.pdf