Katie Grubbs, Alexis Neal, and Sara Klooster examine the biblical accounts of Martha and discuss how she is characterized in the church and in the complementarian sphere.

Complementarianish #2: In Defense of Martha


-The biblical accounts of Martha:

~Luke 10:38-42 and John 11:1-16:

~John 11:17-46:

~John 12:1-8:

-Personal Stuff: Now that we’ve read the text, how have we always responded to Martha? Have our feelings about her story changed over time?

-What have you heard about Martha in the church? Did you agree or disagree with the ways you have heard her portrayed? Do you think there is particular focus on her in the complementarian church or not?


“A Holy Week Defense of Martha” by Cari Donaldson

-Responses to Donaldson: do we like her points? What did she leave out?

“A Word in Defense of Martha” by Alan L. Anderson

-Responses to Anderson: do we like his points? What did he leave out?


Conclusion: Are you a Martha? Why or why not? How do you feel about that, given this discussion?



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