I grew up Southern Baptist, and we were encouraged to look suspiciously at a number of things. ForemostMichael Foley Cover Art among them were the consumption of alcohol and the high-church celebration of saints from Christian history. When I left the Baptist church, I reconsidered both of these prohibitions, and in light of the New Testament I began to see them both as gifts to Christians. Still, I’m hoping my teenage self isn’t somehow listening to this conversation. Our guest today on Christian Humanist Profiles  is Dr. Michael P. Foley, whose latest book, Drinking with the Saints: A Sinner’s Guide to a Holy Happy Hour, is an insightful and humorous combination of alcohol and the church calendar.

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One thought on “Christian Humanist Profiles 47: A Holy Happy Hour”
  1. This was a real pleasure to listen to.  Thoroughly entertaining, educational, and edifying.  Thanks for making this book known.  I am buying copies for me and for three of my friends who are Presbyterian pastors in the PCA and OPC.  (I will also try to get them to listen to the podcast.)

    On a related subject, this interview is yet another exposure to a compelling and engaging Roman Catholic – courtesy of Christian Humanist Profiles.  I have learned something about myself – that I developed a presupposition that only born-again, spirit-filled, Evangelical, and conservative Protestants have a genuine heart-felt love for God and consequential piety that results from being saved.  Yet you can hear Dr. Foley’s love for God and love for the Church come through in this interview, and I’ve heard it on other interviews with RC’s on CH Profiles.  These RC’s do not fall so neatly into my prejudices and they challenge my presuppositions.  And I’m grateful for that.  I love having my world expanded and to hear a different Christian voice give expression to their love for God and devotion to Christ.  Keep ’em coming, please!

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