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In today’s episode, Coyle, Michial, and Danny talk about Country Music in the 1980s, including group acts, neo-traditionalism, and new/young country.

One thought on “City of Man, Episode 111: Your Country 7, the 1980s”
  1. I’ve been listening and loving the country music episodes. A mid-seventies artist that I liked was Gary Stewart. His first two albums are, to my ears, truly great country records in the George Jones genre. Songs like “She’s Acting Single (I’m Drinking Doubles” and you’re Place Or Mine” are classic honky-tank. Unfortunately, the songs hit close to home for him and he died tragically young. Two reasons good Hank Williams, Jr songs written befor he became a blubbering idiot are ‘Montana Song” and “Living Proof” from a very early seventies album. Hope all of check out the suggestions and keep the discussions going.

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