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About Alta Mar: production details

Brief plot summary

How we watched: How did you choose to watch the series? Dubbed in English? In Spanish? In Spanish with English subtitles? What differences might there be in our experiences based on how we consumed this show?



Discussion questions, including:

1) The design budget for this series was obviously lavish. What’s your favorite detail about the sets, costumes, or general production design? How are the creators using the physical space and clothing/props to tell the story?

2) This story is basically a gothic mystery, but it takes place on a cruise liner. How do they accomplish that gothic tone and atmosphere on a big metal ship? And/or, what elements of the gothic are you picking up on in this story?

3) This story centers around Eva, the younger sister, and though her character has a romantic storyline, the story seems to pay as much or more attention to the relationships between the various women on board the ship, specifically the following pairs: Eva/Carolina, Natalia/Clara, and Francisca/Veronica.

4) There are some interesting explorations of class here, especially in the triangle of Sebastian/Veronica/Dimas. What messages about class conflicts or anxieties do you see in the show?

5) Christina asks: what is underdone and what is overdone about this show?


Passing On

Katie: The Expanse (available on Amazon Prime)

Christina: Fauda (on Netflix)

Michial: Most Beautiful Thing (on Netflix)

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