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Most of us Christians in the twenty-first century have a strong sense, even if not a theoretical account, that the New Testament is at once the legislator of our imaginations in ways that unbelievers miss and an utterly alien text, emerging from a strange world and insisting on a life that even its strange denizens would find alien.  And when a new translation of the New Testament does genuinely new things on that journey from Greek to English, on our way through the oddities, we come to hear what should have been in our minds and hearts from the moment we first heard the name Jesus, whether paired with “Christ” or “Messiah” or “Anointed.”  If there’s one writer bold enough to take on such a new translation, David Bentley Hart is that writer, and Christian Humanist Profiles is glad to speak with him today about his New Testament translation, titled appropriately enough The New Testament.


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