Howard, Remembering the Reformation

After taking some time off to turn our second season into this book, I’m happy to announce the sudden return of The Pietist Schoolman Podcast for a special third season: six or seven episodes clustered around the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

That is: around the 500th anniversary of the date that Martin Luther supposedly posted his 95 Theses, which may or may not be a good marker for the much larger event of the Reformations.

More on that and other topics in this debut episode, during which Sam Mulberry and I reflect on the purpose of commemoration, sketch the barest outlines of a Christian theology of memory, look at earlier Reformation anniversaries, and consider the implications of focusing our commemorative energies so heavily on October 31, 1517.

Featured Book

Howard, Remembering the ReformationThomas Albert Howard, Remembering the Reformation: An Inquiry into the Meanings of Protestantism (Oxford UP, 2016)

Other Readings

Chris Gehrz, “History as Stewardship of the Past,” The Pietist Schoolman, Oct. 5, 2015

Lund 2016: The Joint Catholic-Lutheran Commemoration of the Reformation — including this common ecumenical prayer by Pope Francis and Bishop Munib Younan (then-president of the Lutheran World Federation) (international clearinghouse for commemorations)

A Reforming Catholic Confession (2017)

Robot priest unveiled in Germany to mark 500 years since the Reformation,” The Guardian, May 30, 2017

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