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This episode continues Sectarian Review’s discussion of historical memory, the value of forgetting, and what to do about Confederate flags.

Part II
Protesting Building names
Audience Homework! Figure out where Jay and Jordan went to college
Chief Wahoo’s demise
Clemson’s racist history?
Pitchfork Ben
Best practices in naming things
Nazis and NASA!
Hitler’s house
The Twilight Zone!
The pain of our being
Lincoln’s pragmatism
Wernher Von Braun, Project Paperclip, and more Nazis at NASA
Freestyle Christianity Podcast – Marika Rose appearance
De-complicating history is bad
John C. Calhoun
Danny hates Oberlin
Jay hates feedback
Safe spaces
Memory is individual
Social media
Jordan’s hall-of-fame quote
Danny’s critique of the Left
Stone Mountain

Suggested Reading

In Praise of Forgetting by David Rieff
Why Study History? by John Fea
The Monuments Men by Bret Witter and Robert M. Edsel
Nations Divided: America, Italy, and the Southern Question, by Don H. Doyle

Online Reading:
Who Are Public Monuments For?
America’s War On The Confederacy Is Really A War On The Past.
A God Who Remembers by Elie Weisel.
Hope, Despair, and Memory – Elie Weisel’s Nobel Lecture upon receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986.
To Be a Historian is to Speak Over Gravesides by Chris Gehrz.

Rod Serling’s Deaths-Head Revisited Narration.

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