Christian Humanist Profiles 24: John Milbank, Beyond Secular Order

When we try to make sense of the world, narrative is everything.  And when we tell the story of theology in late modernity, we underestimate at our peril how important the stories are that surround the practice.  Is Theologia the beleaguered and aging protagonist, striving valiantly but perhaps in futility to keep up with Science and Social Theory, her younger and more fit successors and rivals?  Is Theology the old dog who reluctantly learns new tricks, only to find that who she was in days past was inferior to what she could have been?  Or is Theology the mother that the younger sciences disown, only to discover that they find their own true future selves only by returning home to learn the wisdom of days gone by?  John Milbank’s 2013 book Beyond Secular Order sets out to tell the story of philosophy medieval and modern, and Christian Humanist Profiles is thrilled to have him on the show today.

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