Christian Humanist Podcast 153.1: Listener Feedback

Michial Farmer and Nathan Gilmour respond to a range of listener questions and comments. Our subject matter follows this schedule:

[1:56] How can we conceive of the inconceivable if the Creator of the universe is Himself inconceivable? Do mortal minds break at the sight of God?

[8:00] Robin William’s movies

[11:01] Teacher film recommendations

[14:49] Allegory and Dracula

[17:20] Irony and Sincerity in Nostalgia

[21:20] Platonic descent and ascent of the soul

[25:03] Errors in Ancient Aliens on the History Channel

[27:21] What is up with the intro music?

[31:37] Doctrine of Predestination

[36:47] Podcast recommendation: Personal devotions and reflection in the Christian life.

[41:13] Charlie Hebdo: Bravery versus Heroism

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