General Introduction
– Listener feedback
– Episodes on Borges and Postman?

– Excellence and/or virtue
– Warriors and excellences
– Plato’s expansion of arête
– Confucian virtue
– Arête and social station
– Excellence in tragedy
– Meno’s definition
– Answering the question carefully

Why Ask the Question?
– The urge to categorize
– The dialogue’s democratic flavor
– Universal grammar
– Fighting the measurers
– Non-utilitarian education
– Teaching Plato to freshmen

Eristic and Dialectical Philosophy
– Is this distinction valid?
– Can you be dialectical without a dialogue?
– Plato’s dialogues as eristic
– Research papers and conversation
– Teaching dialectically

Innatism, Geometry, and the Slave Boy
– Why the sophists are unnecessary
– Education as rediscovering
– The pre-existence of the soul
– Why does Socratic teaching work?
– Christianity and innatism
– Does Socrates lead us to the truth?

The Dialogue with Anytus
– Who can teach virtue?
– Is there a tension here?
– Plato as torpedo
– The process of truth-ing

Other Questions Raised
– Socrates as Groucho Marx
– The consumerist notion of education
– What does knowledge look like?
– Multiple narratives

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