• Waves of Feminism
  • The Seneca Falls Convention
  • The Declaration of Rights and Sentiments
  • Suffrage and Abolition
  • Racism within the movement
  • Suffrage, Temperance, and the WCTU


  • Iron Jawed Angels. Dir. Katja von Garnier. HBO Films: 2004, Film.
  • “She’s no radical—She’s a Quaker!”
  • Quakers and social justice
  • None of us are free until all of us are free.
  •  E.C. Stanton’s The Woman’s Bible (coauthor: His Satanic Majesty)
  • The Silent Sentinels, nonviolent protest, and religion
  • Religion and social justice in Harrisonburg, PA
  • Race as tokenism in the film?
  • Inter-movement divisions of age, class, and power as well as race
  • Inez Mullholland as feminist martyr
  • Lots of awesome actors are in this movie!
  • Alice, Ben, and the work/life balance
  • Emily Leighton as Angel in the House
  • Fighting for future generations
  • Women’s vulnerable bodies on film: sexuality and historical figures
  • Apologies for our technical difficulties
  • The “every woman is someone’s daughter/sister/mother” problem

Passing On

  • Sojourners Magazine:
  • The “300 Sandwiches Project”:
  • Internet feminists respond:





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