We’ve got a couple big announcements this afternoon for our Christian Humanist Podcast listeners.

First, we’ve got a guest host to help keep Michial and Nathan in line while David wraps up the dissertation.  Our readers might remember Danny Anderson, Assistant Professor of English at Emmanuel College, who wrote a recent guest post on Philip Roth.  After some conversations with Nathan, he’s agreed to come on and be our third voice.  So send up the black smoke!

Second, the Campus Activities Board at Emmanuel College has officially approved the start of the Emmanuel College Christian Humanists, a group dedicated to–you guessed it–philosophy, theology, literature, and other things that human beings do well.  There might well be updates here on the early goings-on of that group, and predictably, Nathan Gilmour and Danny Anderson are going to be the group’s faculty sponsors.

Things are cooking along here at the Christian Humanist.  Keep an eye on your iTunes feed in late August for the first episode of the fall!

7 thoughts on “News for the Fall Semester”
  1. Habemus hospitem!  I’m looking forward to the fall season; best of luck to David as he wraps up the dissertation.

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