General Introduction
– A month of decimals
– What’s David teaching?

John Donne and Death
– Does he appeal to the bodily resurrection?
– Quippiness, chipperness
– Taking death seriously
– Dimunutions and chipping away
– An episode on suicide?
– An episode on Donne?

Christian Fiction, Revisited
– Michial argues with Coyle Neal
– The Christian Bookstore and the Soviet Union
– Ambitious and non-ambitious fiction
– What is religious fiction?
– Literature as diversion
– An episode on television?

Comprehensive Humanities Texts
– Good luck
– Philosophy texts
– Music texts
– Art texts
– Avoid ideological histories
– Literary texts
– Self-promotion

What Should You Read Next?
– Ruining lives with Heidegger
– Who will be our next pet project?
– What we wish we could teach
– George W. Bush and the wine-dark sea
– What’s our favorite kind of feedback?

Tolstoy and Porter
– Write your paper!

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