The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #72: Patience

General Introduction
– Listener feedback
– Who’s listening?
– What’s on the blog?
– Formatting a dissertation

The Patience of Job
– The patience of Job?
– Gregory the Great (again!)
– Shall we blame his friends?
– The plurality of wisdom literature
– Interrogating James
– Humility and patience

New Testament Patience
– Fruit of the Spirit
Macrothumia: “being long of will”
– Perseverance and endurance
– The time between times
– Multiple patiences

Augustine and Patience
– Yeah, it’s in there
– Good temper
– Patience as species of anger
– Patristic adaptations
– Nathan beats another dead horse

Stoic Patience
– Implication rather than statement
– Thinking clearly about reality
– Our arbitrary world
– One thing leads to another
– Stoicism and Christianity
– Self-control and love

Literary Exemplars
– The patient Griselda
– Abusing patience
– Fabius Maximus as patient dictator
– Olaf, glad, big, and patient
– Defending Booker T. Washington

Learning Patience
– Practical, not intellectual
– Personal virtue
– The Greek and the Christian
– Modeling God’s patience
– Interconnectedness

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