The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #71: Valor

General Introduction
– Talking weather
– Listener feedback

The Roots of the Episode
– Who studies the Alamo?
– Davids Grubbs, Crockett, and Bowie
– Stories, not definitions

The Courage of Joshua
– Be strong and courageous
– His previous courage
– Courage as species of faith
– Obeying the law as precondition of courage
– Linguistic curiosity

Thomistic Valor
– How did Thomas adapt Aristotle?
– Fortitude, not manliness
– Martyrs over soldiers
– Daring vs. fortitude

Homeric Bravery
– Courage in the face of absurdity
– Courage as the highest virtue
– The greatest courage in the poem
– Is Achilles invincible?
– Crappy movies

Anglo-Saxon Bravery
– Tolkien weighs in
– The dreary ending
– Nathan complicates matters
– Lost cause-ism

Two Eras of Poetry
– Tennyson’s ambivalent skepticism
– The living dead become the dead dead
– Owen returns the ticket
– Dulce et decorum est pro amico mori

Other Examples
– Camus twists Thomas
– Crane twists Aristotle

Average Everdayness Courage
– The lessons of Joshua
– Spoiling Lord Jim
– Nathan dodges the question
– Platonic rather than Aristotelian courage
– Can courage be allegorized?

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