The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #59: Godwin's Law

General Introduction
– David can’t get enough of your love
– What’s on the blog? (Not much.)
– On specialization and knowledge gaps

Godwin’s Law
– The origin of a meme
– You’re worse than Hitler
– Why is it so cutting?
– Overuse of Nazi comparisons
– The mathematics of the formulation
– You’re worse than Stalin/Pinochet/Genghis Khan/Pol Pot

Why the Internet Is a Problem
– Or is it?
– The microcosm/macrocosm haze
– God terms, devil terms
– In-fighting in small groups
– Distance becomes an issue

But What Does John Mark Reynolds Have to Say?
– “The Art of Online Conversation”
– Why blogs are dangerous
– Practical tips
– Blogging and the four classical virtues

Psychologizing Your Opponents
– Do motives matter?
– Beyond rationalization
– When is ad hominem okay?
– Authorial ethos

New Developments
– Being a raging earhole on message boards
– The joys and sorrows of Facebook
– The lamest message board fight EVER
– The podcast as internet artifact

Making the Most of Our Time
– Christians under the microscope
– The shattering of the inside/outside binary
– Nudity and nakedness

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