Christian Antiquarian Book Nerd Survey

Alright, folks.  I said we should have one, so I’ve written one!  Since our readership is more given to the oldies and the goodies than the latest and greatest, here are your questions for the Christian Antiquarian Book Nerd Survey!

1. A book that reminds you why you love old books so much

2. Your favorite book translated from a language that living human communities don’t speak conversationally anymore

3. A classic you won’t apologize for loving

4. A classic you still find yourself apologizing for loving

5. The best book to give an aspiring Christian Humanist

6. An old book that gets the answers wrong but asks very interesting questions

7. The book that most often leaves you saying, “People wouldn’t be so confused about this question if they’d only read…”

I know, I know–they’re idiosyncratic questions.  Answer ’em anyway.

Leave your answers in the comments section–I’ll try to get mine in early!


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