The Christian Humanist Podcast, Episode #48: Canons (Within Canons)

General Introduction
– The end of an era
– What we want on our statues
– What’s on the blog?
– Freshman comp clichés
– More on DVD players in cars

What is a Canon?
– The Biblical Canon
– Inclusion and exclusion
– The Western Canon
– The six types of criticism and canons
– Lack of communication
– The relationship of canons and universities
– The element of suppression
– Multiple canons

The Biblical Canon
– Canons within canons
– The Lectionary as a cure
– The deuterocanonical books

Shakespeare! Shakespeare! Shakespeare!
– The center of the British canon?
– Poet or dramatist?
– Decentering Shakespeare
– Can we say who’s “better”?
– We take on the Shakespeare cottage industry
– Shakespeare and the “performative”

The American Canon
– Who’s our Shakespeare?
– Taking down Twain
– Creating the American canon (yes, I meant World War I)
– Modifying the canon
Longfellow’s disappearance
– The broadening of American-ness

And Now…David Grubbs Talks Beowulf
– How Beowulf misleads the masses
– The dearth of copies and references
– Possible replacements/supplements
– The tyranny of anthologies
– Chaucer’s similar situation
– Exilic literature

Blank Studies and the Canon
– Affirming specialized studies
– Do studies courses go too far?
– Biting the hand that feeds you
– Using studies tools in service of the canon
– A whiter shade of pale

The Canon and the Classroom
– How to shove it all in?
– Make them do the work
– Derrida and core curriculum
– Advice for laymen


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